Unit 2 – How to Contact Uber

This unit will share with you how to contact Uber.  Uber like many dot.com companies tries to use technology for eliminating unneeded communication.  It can be hard to actually get to speak to a person when you want to.  This unit will give you a variety of different ways to contact Uber.

There are several reasons why you might want to contact Uber.

  • For an Emergency such as a traffic accident while driving for Uber
  • For billing / payment issues
  • For new driver questions
  • For general support and questions

You should use the appropriate method for contacting Uber based on what your need is.  You don’t want to call the emergency hotline if your issue is not an emergency.

If you want to get your car approved for UberSELECT for example you’re probably better off reaching out to your local Uber office.

How to contact Uber if you have an emergency:

Uber offers a 24-hour emergency hotline. This hotline is ONLY FOR EMERGENCIES.

The hotline number should only be used for serious emergencies.  DO NOT call them for issues about your paycheck or checking to see if your documents are approved. That is a waste of their time. If you waste their time, then someone with an actual emergency won’t be able to get through. Worst of all if you waste their time Uber will cancel the hotline service again.  Uber has cancelled the hotline before. Do your part to only use this number for emergencies.

Uber 24 Hour Hotline for Emergencies Only: 1-800-353-8237

If your issue can wait 24 hours:

Check to see if your question is already answered here: http://help.uber.com  The answers on this web site are based on your city. If you have a question about toll roads for example the site will tell you which toll roads in your area are covered by Uber. If you have a question about airport policies it will be geared towards your city.

If you can wait, contact Uber via email at: support@uber.com

You can also contact them within the Uber partner app. First click on the “account” icon at the bottom of the app.

Uber Account Button

After you click on the account button a sub menu will pop open.  Select “help” from the sub menu.

Uber App Help

Now you’ll find a useful series of menus.  The top option for “support messages” will allow you to send a message to Uber support or check their responses.  Their response time through the app is pretty quick. Most drivers say they get a response within a few hours.

uber support messages

The other help menu options are also useful.  The trips and fare review is where you click if you want to report a problem with a passenger or report a lost item in your vehicle.

How to contact Uber local office staff

I am not sure who put together this list, but I found a list of Local Uber support contact information.  This list includes the local Uber web site, email address, and Twitter handle if available.  Many Uber cities have local offices.  This is a great way to connect with Uber and get help.

Click here for the Uber local contact information.

Many times your local Uber office is a better resource than the corporate support staff.  For example, if you have questions about your driver approval, your documents, your car, etc.  Then the local office is better able to assist you.  The rules and requirements often vary by city so your local staff is usually more knowledgeable and able to provide the best information.

Using Twitter or Facebook to contact Uber

You may be tempted to contact Uber using social media such as Twitter or Facebook.  However, this is usually not the best way to contact them.  You can’t provide the details Uber needs through Twitter or Facebook.

Tips for Handling Uber Support

Uber support is very good about follow up. Usually within a few hours and definitely within 24 hours.

Sometimes they seem to answer a different question than we really want answered.  I’ve found that it is best to be very specific in my support requests.   I try to ask only one question per request. That helps guarantee I get the answer I seek.  Sometimes I have to reply and ask for clarification but they are usually very good about their response.

If you have a passenger that asks how to contact Uber Support many of the same rules apply.  Passengers will also be able to request support within the app.  Simply have them open their app and click on the little icon for more menus. The help option there will be able to guide your passengers through their help request.

If there are new methods for contacting Uber or if you have any requests on how to contact Uber support, please let us know. While we do not work for Uber hopefully we can point you in the right direction.


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