Unit 1 – The Uber Partner App

Uber uses a separate Uber partner app for passengers and drivers.  Uber calls drivers “partners”. The web site you access as a driver and the app you use are called Uber Partner.

First, you need to download the Uber partner app.

Once you download the app you will have two icons on your phone.  The reddish looking app pictured here is the Uber Partner.  The blueish one is for passengers. I have all my driver related apps on one screen. (I use the Uber passenger app to check and see where other drivers are, but that’s an advanced tip for a future lesson.)

Uber Partner App


We could cover how to use the Uber Partner App but we’d have to update this page every time Uber releases a new update. Instead we’ll link to the official Uber YouTube channel below. You receive this video as soon as you complete the application process. It includes the basics you need to know about using the Uber driver app.

We will update this page if Uber releases a new video on how to use the partner/driver app.

When you open the Uber app you will notice several buttons at the bottom of the screen.

uber app menu options

Home – takes you back to the main screen where you can see your map.

Uber Partner Earnings

Earnings – shows you a summary of your earnings for the week. You can also see your trip history, and pay statements.  You’ll use this option a lot 🙂

Estimated Payout – click this to see your estimated earnings for the week. Some trips may not show here right away. (long, expensive, high surge fares may take a little while to show up. Uber may want to confirm the trip before paying out.)

Invite to earn more – This will allow you to send text messages to others to refer them to drive for Uber. The text will include a link which tracks the referral back to you. You can learn more about Uber driver referrals here.

Trip History – shows your trip history and earnings for each trip. This is also where you would go to report a passenger for bad behavior if you didn’t do it when you finished the ride. You will also use this to report items you found in your car after your trip.

Pay Statements – Will show a history of your payments.

Uber Driver Ratings

Ratings – shows an overview of your driver ratings.

Your Current Rating – Obviously we all strive be to 5 star drivers but sometimes we have passengers that are impossible to please. You want to keep this number above a 4.7.  Lower than a 4.7 and you won’t qualify for guarantees and can be deactivated by Uber.

Driving Rewards – Bonuses like fuel rewards savings, discounts on auto repairs, tires, and more for top drivers.

Rider Feedback – Tap this item to see if your passengers have reported any issues. You can also see if they left any “excellent” feedback for you as well.

Pro Tips – Uber’s tips from expert drivers.

uber account

Account – Find links to help, waybill, documents, settings, and more.

Help – provides a link to the Uber support site for your city. This has detailed answers to common questions that are specific for your city. You can also use this link to contact Uber support from within the app.

Waybill – This is a detailed explanation of each trip, your passenger, the fare, the fees, etc. I’m thankful Uber keeps track of this for us and we never have to deal with all this detail!

Documents – This is all the documentation you provide Uber during your application process. Occasionally you will be asked to update these documents.

Settings – App settings such as which navigation app you want to use. Also if you find you are getting too many notifications about “surge” fares in town you can turn them off here. You will still see the surge pricing on the map. You just won’t get sms notifications.

About – If you have a support issue they will often ask you which version of the app you are using. You can find that information here.

Go Online – When you tap this button you are in online mode and ready to accept passengers.

Uber Go Online

For more information about using the app read our module on what to expect during your first Uber ride.

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