Unit 4 – Uber Driver Xpert Session

An Uber driver Xpert session is a one on one training session with an expert driver. They will inspect your vehicle and give you basic advice on how to use the Uber driver app.

Depending on the city where you drive you may be able to schedule an Uber driver Xpert session.  These Xpert sessions are from trained Uber drivers who have completed over 1000 rides and maintained at least a 4.8 driver rating.  They are paid by Uber to meet with new drivers, inspect their automobile, and give them basic details on how to use the app.

Uber driver Xpert sessions are not available in all cities.  Typically, it needs to be a major city where Uber has operated for an extended period of time.  Otherwise they won’t have access to drivers with over 1000 rides to train the new drivers.

If your city has Uber Xperts then you’ll receive an email like this:

Uber Driver Xpert Session


Click the button to request an Uber driver Xpert session.  Within a short period of time an Xpert will contact you to schedule your training session. Typically, you will meet with the Xpert at a public location like a shopping center. The Xpert is probably training multiple drivers in one day. They may not be able to travel to your location as that would minimize the amount of time they can train people. It varies based on the Xpert. Some are willing to come to you. Some make you come to them.

When you set a time to meet with your Uber Xpert, make sure you arrive early. Make sure your car is clean inside, and out.  Make sure your headlights, high beams, blinkers, hazards, break, and backup lights all work properly.  Your Xpert will need to inspect your car to make sure it is in working order. They will also need to make sure that the car meets Uber’s vehicle standards.

You will also need to provide your Uber Xpert with proof of your documents such as driver’s license, proof of insurance, and vehicle registration.

After your inspection the Xpert will show you how to use the Uber Partner app.  The Uber Partner app is what Uber drivers use to setup rides and communicate with passengers. The driver app and the passenger app are two different apps.

Uber Xperts are paid $20 to train you. This isn’t a lot of money. Some Xperts give you better attention than others. Some simply try to see as many drivers as they can to maximize their earnings.  Some genuinely care about helping drivers.

When you meet with your Xpert make sure you ask them any questions you have.  Ask them if there is a local community for Uber drivers. Ask them if there is a Facebook group or Meetup.  After your session you probably won’t ever see your Xpert again. They may not be willing to give you their cell number or may ignore you after the fact. Connecting with your local community of drivers is one way to get additional advice after you start driving.  In my city we have several Facebook groups dedicated to drivers. We also have occasional meetups where we can connect in person.

The Uber driver Xpert session is a great feature. If it is available in your area take advantage of it.  However, if it isn’t available, don’t worry. It’s hard to ask all your questions because you haven’t driven yet. You don’t know what to expect.  You will have far more questions after you actually start driving.

Also keep in mind that some Xpert’s are great. Others are just doing the minimum effort to collect their $20 paycheck.

Many people ask How do I become an Uber Xpert?

The driver Xperts we’ve spoken with received an email from Uber.  We don’t know how they were selected for the program.  We do know that Uber has minimum qualifications drivers need to be complete to become Xperts.  They are:

  • Complete at least 1000 rides
  • Maintain a 4.8 driver rating

If you feel you meet the qualifications, you can try to contact Uber at: xpert@uber.com

Uber Driver Xpert Program is on Hold

I sent an email to xpert@uber.com to investigate the Uber Driver Xpert program. I asked them what the requirements are to join the program as a driver are. Here is the response I received from support:

Top Uber partners earn extra money for helping new drivers complete their application and get on the road. After an applicant applies to become an Uber Partner, the applicant has the ability to request an on-demand 30-minute visit from an Xpert to help them through the onboarding process.

Xperts are experienced and highly-rated partners. At this time, Xperts is an invite only product. Xperts are trained by Certlane, a third party company. Once they complete the quick training guide, they are approved within a few days. You can identify an Xpert by their vehicle class.

CertLane pays Xperts $20 for every session they complete (no Uber fee is taken). Payments will appear in weekly statements from Uber as usual.


It may not be possible to request an Uber driver Xpert session while the program is on hold.

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