Unit 2 – Filling Out An Uber Application

This unit covers the process of completing the Uber application. This guide will help you know which documents to provide and should help you qualify to drive as soon as possible.

Before you start you will need 3 documents.

Your driver’s license
Your vehicle insurance identification card (proof of insurance card)
Your vehicle registration

The screenshots below are subject to change as Uber updates their web site. The Uber application process should remain the same

The Uber application process can be completed in 30 minutes or less. You will then have to wait for Uber to review your documentation. As mentioned earlier the background check takes the most time. Your documents may be approved within 48 hours but often times your background check won’t be completed for days (or even weeks!)

Step 1 – Sign up to drive for Uber

Enter in your email address to start the process.

Drive for Uber

Step 2 – Provide your contact details

You need to provide your contact information for Uber. It is important that you input your city to determine if Uber is available in your area. It is also important to provide your mobile/cell number so that Uber can contact you.

Uber Application for Drivers

Step 3 – Do you have a qualified vehicle

Do you have a car that matches the current model year requirements for this city? Is it 4 doors?  If so you qualify.  You can see full Uber vehicle requirements, here.

If you do not have a car that qualifies for Uber you can still apply to become a driver. You might want to do this if you are currently looking to purchase/lease a car. You may also choose to lease a car through Uber although we do NOT recommend this.

Does your vehicle qualify for Uber

Step 4 – Provide your social security number

In order to continue your Uber application, you need to enter your social security number. This is so that Uber can perform their background check to see if you personally are qualified to drive for Uber. This needs to be your personal social security number. If you are a business, you will use that tax id number later.  At this point Uber is performing the check to see if you have traffic violations or felonies that might prevent you from driving.

uber ssn for background check

Step 5 – Approve the terms required for the background check

Approve the terms for Uber to complete the background check.  Uber will not perform a credit check. They simply want to check your driving and criminal records to see if you are qualified to drive for Uber.

You can also have Uber send a copy of the background check to you once it is completed. This is also useful so that you know when the process is finished. This process will take the most time in your application. Knowing when it is completed may be helpful if you’re application is delayed for some reason. Usually it is delayed because of this background check.

uber background checkStep 6 – Upload a photo of your driver’s license

In order for Uber to verify your identity they require a copy of your driver’s license. You can take a photo from your computer, tablet, or cell phone of your driver’s license. Just make sure the image is clear and Uber can read all the writing on your license. They will also use this to check your driving record.

upload your drivers license photo

Step 7 – Have you had your driver’s license for 1 year or more?

One of Uber’s driving requirements is that you have had your drivers license for at least 1 year. This provides you experience to drive and also provides an adequate driving history to confirm whether or not you are a good driver.

license for 1 year

Step 8 – Provide proof of automobile insurance

Provide proof of insurance for your vehicle. You can take a photo of your proof of insurance card. You must be named on the insurance policy for the car. If you are not named, then Uber will not approve you to drive.

Nationwide you are not currently required to have additional coverages for your vehicle. Some locations may require additional coverage or commercial coverage for your vehicle. Some insurance companies like GEICO are providing additional coverage for rideshare drivers.

insurance coverageStep 9 – Provide proof of vehicle registration

You will need to provide proof of registration for your vehicle.  Simply take a photo with your smart phone or tablet and upload the photo. Make sure the text is clear and easy to read. Also make sure no parts of the documentation are covered up.

vehicle registration

Step 10 – Download the Uber Partner (Driver) App

Your Uber application is completed. You can now download the Uber Partner app.  This app is NOT available in the app store. This is the app you will use as a driver. Uber has a different app for passengers than for drivers. Uber refers to their drivers as partners so you will want to remember this. The app is called the Uber Partner app. Just like the web site to check on the status of your Uber application is the Uber Partner web site.

Uber Partner App

Step 11 – WAIT for your approval

This is the worst part. Now you have to wait your approval.  If you login to the Uber partner web site you can check on the status of your application.

Your Uber application documents are usually approved within 48 hours. If there are any problems Uber should send you a text message and you can re-upload the document.

The background check takes the longest. It usually takes several days and may take weeks if they have problems. It could simply be because they have a lot of drivers signing up at the same time. It could be because you have moved a lot and they have a hard time retrieving your details. Maybe it is because there is an error. (Did you enter your social security number properly?)

Once you reach this step Uber you can watch a video from Uber on how to use the Uber Partner App.

Application finished

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