You’ve probably seen the news about the Kalamazoo Uber Shooting. This weekend a man named Jason Dalton allegedly shot and killed several passengers between pickups while driving for Uber.

Of course Uber is the word on everyone’s lips. The idea that he might have picked up passengers between shootings is definitely strange.

This brings to attention the fact that Uber drivers are not currently fingerprinted. A lot of municipalities are questioning whether Uber needs enhanced background checks.  Yesterday I received some private messages from individuals wondering my thoughts on the matter.

The real issue is what could Uber do? The alleged shooter passed background checks with Uber.  Two separate news outlets (USA Today, NPR) are reporting that Jason Dalton didn’t have a criminal record. Without a criminal record what would fingerprint background checks have found? Nothing.

If Uber has 1.1 million drivers the chances are at least one of those drivers has psychological problems. Imagine a city of 1.1 million people. How many murders take place in a city that size?

Remember the Kalamzoo Uber shooting suspect had no criminal history and no mental health history (CNN.) What could background checks have found?

What do you think? Is there a solution?