There is a new app called Nexar that allows you to make an iPhone dashcam!

If you already have an iPhone then you may not need to buy a Dashcam. Forbes is reporting a new app that turns your iPhone into a dash cam with machine vision.

The software not only creates an iPhone dashcam but it also records data from the traffic conditions around you.   This can be helpful for things like proving someone else was at fault during an accident.  However it can also prove that YOU were at fault. Imagine you’re driving a few miles over the speed limit, you could be found at fault!

I usually suggest you don’t want GPS data and additional information on your dashcam recordings. You usually want to hide that info so that it is more difficult to prove you are at fault.  Let’s say someone pulls out in front of you. If you were speeding you could still be found at fault. If they don’t have proof you were speeding then obviously the other guy would be at fault.

Another problem I have with the idea of an iPhone dashcam is that I am using my phone for Uber/Lyft and also for Google Maps and Sherpashare. I’m not sure if I can really run another intensive application like a dashcam at the same time.  HOWEVER, I do have an old iPhone 5. Perhaps I could use it as the dashcam while my iPhone 6S+ runs my apps for navigation and driving.

What do you think? Have you tried it yet?  They say Nexar has been beta tested mostly by Uber and Lyft drivers in the San Francisco Area.