GetMe Disaster in the making.  For a rideshare company that already has lots of skeptics sending an email blast to 500+ Austin TX drivers was a horrible idea!

They didn’t use blind carbon copy! All email addresses are publicly available!

In Austin, TX, the city council has been fighting with Uber and Lyft for awhile.   This led to a proposed change to regulations regarding ridesharing which was overturned by the public signing petitions on behalf of Uber and Lyft. The city council still wouldn’t agree so now the public gets to vote on ridesharing in Austin. Keeping the existing regulations rather than the new city regulation which would cause Uber and Lyft to leave town.

GetMe has been a topic in the city council debate. GetMe is a new rideshare company based out of Dallas TX that has agreed to the city council demands. However GetMe is a pretty sketchy company.  For example, the CEO of GetMe has been kept anonymous.  Anecdotally, the prices being charged by GetMe also appear to be higher than Taxi companies.  This has led to a lot of concern in the driver community in Austin. Many believe GetMe is actually run by the Taxi companies and is just out to sabotage ridesharing in Austin.

Today, GetMe sends out a carbon copy email to over 500 Austin TX drivers! They didn’t hide any of the email addresses! It may have been more than 500 emails. Gmail only allowed me to see the first 500.


Some of the GetMe emails and responses. Click photo to enlarge.

The thread of replies from the drivers has been hilarious. Ranging from people offering to sue GetMe, to people trying to sell identity theft protection, or promote other apps. Needless to say a lot of drivers have replied to ALL asking to be removed.  I imagine dozens (or hundreds) more replying in private.

But let’s also go back to their original email. This is apparently the GetMe onboarding process:

I will be onboarding Monday to Friday  from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm by the airport right behind the shell gas station ,PLEASE DONT FORGET TO BRING YOUR INSURANCE,BANKING INFO AND DRIVERS LICENCE. 


That’s a pretty sketchy way to do business.  Let’s overlook the bad grammar and using all caps. We’re supposed to meet at the airport by the Shell gas station? This is an unofficial driver spot to wait for airport pickups. (The airport is geofenced.)  This isn’t even an area with any real parking other than street parking.  There is no office for GetMe in town. That is pretty normal for TNCs. They open a city in temporary space before leasing an office. At least before Uber opened an office they rented meeting rooms at hotels. GetMe meets in a parking lot behind a gas station. You’re also asked to provide your insurance and drivers license which is pretty normal to get approved to drive. However my banking information? Why isn’t this done digitally over a secure SSL connection? How can I know that this guy is going to handle my banking information properly? This guy can’t even send out a blind carbon copy email. How do we trust that he won’t be sending our banking information out to other people “accidentally?”

GetMe is a disaster. I cannot believe that the Austin city council actually thought these guys were the answer to the TNC issues.


The replies to the emails are getting even better.  Someone added Ann Kitchen (Austin City council member leading the charge against Uber and Lyft). I then felt the need to add my own reply.


Reply to Ann Kitchen. Click photo to enlarge.

And now Chris replies to Ann Kitchen including a photo of the Black Mitsubishi Outlander. BTW that location is just about as sketchy as where they actually want us to meet them to do the onboarding process!


Click photo to enlarge.

And now the Get Me memes begin: