Rideshare Academy, Inc.
PO BOX 170367
Austin, TX 78717


Rideshare Academy is the ideation of Benjamin Fitts.

IMG_0642Benjamin Fitts is a serial entrepreneur. He is known as the Relationship Marketing Mentor and is also a partner at BC Marketers, LLC. BC Marketers is a small web development firm specializing in membership based web sites. With BC Marketers Ben has a lot of experience in creating online training web sites.

As an Uber and Lyft driver Ben saw a need:

Drivers have a lack of training. Drivers also want to make more money. Meanwhile Uber and Lyft have very high driver turnover rate. Over half of all drivers quit within 12 months of driving.

Rideshare Academy seeks to solve these problems with driver training, mentorship, and community.  We train drivers to make more money. This helps both Uber and Lyft because we expect our trained drivers will drive more often.


More team members will be added to this page soon!


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