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Celebrity Lyft Driver – Danica Patrick

This week’s Celebrity Lyft Driver is Danica Patrick.

Danica Patrick is a NASCAR and Indy Car driver. Watching Danica undercover behind the wheel of a Lyft should be pretty fun to watch!  If the passenger doesn’t realize it is Danica, imagine how they’re going to feel when she starts racing the cars beside her!

Which did you […]

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GetME disaster – email blast to 500 Austin TX drivers

GetMe Disaster in the making.  For a rideshare company that already has lots of skeptics sending an email blast to 500+ Austin TX drivers was a horrible idea!

They didn’t use blind carbon copy! All email addresses are publicly available!

In Austin, TX, the city council has been fighting with Uber and Lyft for awhile.   This led […]

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iPhone Dashcam

There is a new app called Nexar that allows you to make an iPhone dashcam!

If you already have an iPhone then you may not need to buy a Dashcam. Forbes is reporting a new app that turns your iPhone into a dash cam with machine vision.

The software not only creates an iPhone dashcam but it […]

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2015 Uber Taxes 1099-k

It’s tax season. For independent contractors handling your 2015 Uber Taxes and dealing with 1099-k forms can be confusing.

As independent contractors Uber and Lyft drivers are paid via 1099 and 1099-k forms. Many people have never been an independent contractor and don’t know what forms to file.

I will suggest that you seek a qualified accountant […]

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Jerry Rice undercover as a Lyft Driver

Just saw this amazing video from CNN with Jerry Rice undercover as a Lyft Driver.

Jerry Rice, the 3 time Super Bowl Champion and NFL Hall of Famer, went undercover as a Lyft driver!
Watch the video of Jerry Rice undercover as a Lyft Driver.

What would you do? Would you have noticed if Jerry Rice were your Lyft […]

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Video: Funny or Die Uber Driver

What kind of Uber Driver are you? Are you trying too hard to please your customers?  Although this is comedy video from Funny or Die, there really are Uber drivers like this!  They will do everything they can think of to get a 5 star rating or a tip.  Meanwhile their passengers are frustrated and just […]

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