It’s tax season. For independent contractors handling your 2015 Uber Taxes and dealing with 1099-k forms can be confusing.

As independent contractors Uber and Lyft drivers are paid via 1099 and 1099-k forms. Many people have never been an independent contractor and don’t know what forms to file.

I will suggest that you seek a qualified accountant to help you with your taxes. However many drivers don’t feel they have the money to spend on an accountant.

I believe that an accountant to help you with Uber Taxes is going to save you money in the long run. They’ll be able to help ensure you are taking enough tax deductions. They’ll be able to make sure you aren’t setting yourself up for liability or audit from the IRS. Accountants are worth it! (Just my opinion.)

If you want to file your own taxes I suggest you read Sherpashare’s excellent article on filing taxes in the rideshare economy.

Sherpashare is actually the mileage tracking app I prefer to use for driving. They track mileage and deductions based on my mileage driving. I definitely recommend you check out Sherpa share before filing your 2015 taxes.